1. Apex Afro

Apex Afro operates an e – Commerce platform which comprises: a Website and Mobile application, along side, a reliable Logistics partner, and a Payment framework, which makes the sale, purchase and delivery of consumer goods in Africa: painless, contactless and swift.

This general terms and conditions shall apply to buyers and sellers on the marketplace, so, by using this marketplace you agree to comply with the terms and conditions governing the usage of this marketplace and its related services.

It is important you read and fully understand the terms and conditions, before using any of our services,  and should you disagree with any of it, please do not use our marketplace.

  1. Registration and Account

You may not register with on our marketplace if you are below 18.

You can register on our marketplace by completing and submitting the registration form on our marketplace, we implore you to provide  only accurate information.

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account, if there is any breach of agreement.

Protect your password: We will not be liable for losses incurred out of your failure to keep your password confidential, you alone will bear the full cost of all activities on your account.

Authorization of a third party usage of your account is at your own risk.

  1. Pricing and Payments

With our payment information and guidelines, plus a robust payment infrastructure in place, we will guide you to choose the best payment option.

Apex Afro does not control the pricing of goods on its marketplace; the seller is directly responsible for any discrepancies or error in pricing.

Should there be an error in pricing, the buyer would be asked to make an additional payment or return the goods.

  1. Returns and Refunds Policy

Acceptance of returns shall be done at our own discretion. Refunds shall be done on behalf of the vendors; provided the products  returned or exchanged are in perfect condition.

  1. Content Usage

Your content means all works and materials you submit to us for storage or publication and all communication(s) done on the marketplace – they must be accurate and true. Under no circumstances should a false information be given on our marketplace.

Your content must be appropriate, civil and tasteful, and accord with generally accepted standards of etiquette and behaviour on the internet.

Your content must not be illegal or unlawful, infringe any person’s legal rights, or be capable of giving rise to a legal action taken against us.

We reserve the right to review and remove any content that does not comply with the general rules of social etiquette on the internet.

  1. Right to use your content

When you register on our marketplace you grant us a non-exclusive and royalty-free license to use, reproduce, store, publish, translate and distribute your content across all our marketing channels.

We may edit, un-publish or remove your content from our marketplace without your permission, if they are not in accordance with our general terms and conditions.

  1. Copyright and Trademarks

Apex Afro’s logos and other registered and unregistered trademarks are trademarks belonging to us; we give no permission for the use of these trademarks, and such use may constitute an infringement of our rights.

  1. Breaches of these general terms and conditions

A registered account will stay open on our marketplace indefinitely, if it abides within the general terms and conditions of our marketplace.

If there are strong indications, that you have breached these general terms and conditions or any Apex Afro’s codes, policies or guidelines in any way, then we might be forced to: temporarily suspend your access to our marketplace, block computers using your IP address from accessing our marketplace and in extreme cases, we would take legal actions against you for breach of contract.

When we take any disciplinary measure against any account on our marketplace, it is advisable you do not upturn or hinder the measures taken, by creating another account, as such an action would only escalate things and make legal action a must.

  1. Data Privacy

Apex Afro shall process all data obtained on and through the marketplace and related services in accordance with the terms of our Cookie Notice and Privacy Policy.

Apex Afro shall not be liable for misuse of buyers’ personal data by sellers; only the seller shall be held accountable for this.

Buyers agree to the processing of their data in accordance to Apex Afro’s Notice and Cookie’s Policy.

  1. Apex Afro’s role as a marketplace

We are an e-Commerce platform where buyers and sellers can exchange goods and services. We process payments, true, but we are not direct agents for any buyer or seller.

We can’t vouch for the buyers or sellers on the marketplace, we only know them through the data they have provided on their registration form.

We don’t vet/screen buyers or sellers before allowing them to register on the marketplace.

  1. Indemnification

Sellers agree that everything made available to Apex Afro, in the course of dispensing services expected of a marketplace, is in fact legally owned or licensed to the seller, in this vein, the seller agrees to indemnify Apex Afro, its employees and associates blameless from any and all claims brought against him/her, in the process of making good on the delivery of their services.

  1. Entire Agreement

These general terms and conditions is superior to any previous agreement between you and us as regards to the use of our marketplace.

  1. Governing law and Hierarchy

It’s expedient both parties (buyers, sellers) understand that , in case, of any conflict or dispute that might arise from the delivery of services on our marketplace, these general terms and conditions of use would prevail over any other agreement.