• Valid ID – International passport, driver’s license, National ID card, or voters’ card
    Post-dated cheques .(only applicable for corporate customers)
    Must be a regular income earner.
    Work with a reputable corporate organization or a business owner.

Terms and Conditions of Usage


Thank you for choosing CodedPay on Apex Afro, getting your hands on the products you deserve gets easier with our multiple finance options.

CodedPay is available for all products on ApexAfro with a minimum of 30% down payment which is required to activate our product finance system.

There is a 4% 6% 8% and10% interest rate on all CodedPay orders. The Payment Plan you choose will determine the interest rate.

Endeavor to choose the payment plan that suits you.

2 months Payment Plan – 4%
3 months Payment Plan – 6%
4 months Payment Plan – 8%

5 months Payment Plan -10%

6 months Payment Plan – 12%

The maximum period of installment payment is six months.

Until final deposit(s) has been made, all orders on CodedPay remain just that – ApexAfro’s. Personal claims can’t be made to such an item.

We strongly implore, you don’t defer/deviate from the stipulated payment plan. Failure to pay within this period will attract an extra 5% fine daily, in addition to the original interest rate of the deposit defaulted on every day.

Return&Refund Policy

You can initiate a Cancel&Return within 48 hours of purchase, if you received a wrong,
damaged, or defective item.

When returning an item, ensure all accessories, tags, and seals are left intact, and the item(s) is in its original state and packaging. We strongly recommend you keep the original carton and packaging materials.

Our agent on-site would verify that the products’ seals are not broken; tags are still in place and accessories intact. Please know that any defect on the product to be returned, no matter how small, would render your request to Cancel&Return Order invalid.

Upon completion of a successful request to Cancel&Return the Order, a refund will be made into your Apex Afro’s Wallet or designated bank account within 48 hours.

Please note that when there is a need for a refund; after an initial deposit(s) has been made, Apex Afro is entitled to 2% of each deposit as an administrative fee.

Consent and Agreement

Kindly note these terms and conditions are superior and would prevail over any other agreement between you and us, as regards the use of our marketplace and its related services.
It’s important you read and fully understand the terms and conditions before using this service and should you disagree with any of them, please do not use this service.
By signing this document or clicking on it, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions governing CodedPay.

            Thank you for your Patronage

Enjoy now, pay later

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