Apex Afro is an e-Commerce (marketplace) platform based in Lagos, Nigeria with Merchants from all over the World. Services rendered by Apex Afro include, but not limited to: buying i.e. sourcing of products from Merchants, Selling and Logistics.

At Apex Afro, our mission is to see you succeed in life –  this is why, we have put up a brilliant team, who are committed to providing all you need to excel in your every day’s hustle. How? By reaching out to you, of course!

Your only job is to tell us what you need and when you need it; once you have done this – we will find the right Merchants, who are equally as committed to bringing out the best in you  as WE are!

More importantly, be rest assured that the quality and authenticity of the goods on our Marketplace are properly vetted, plus, our prices are unbelievably competitive. We also bring you mouthwatering deals and jaw dropping sales on a regular!

Apex Afro wants you to get your GO on and be EXTRA-ordinary, while you TRUST us to get you all you need to achieve this feat in good time.